Chapter Eleven

Marah didn’t have a destination in mind, she just felt like driving.  She came to Springfield because she felt like she needed a change, and ended up as lost as ever.  “Damn you Tony Santos!  Six years later and you still own my heart.”  Great.  Now she was talking to herself.  She stopped at stop sign.  Which way to go?  She found herself going left towards the old lighthouse.  She’d been avoiding it since she got into town.  Maybe if she faced that she could finally let go.  Yeah right,

As she approached the winding road leading to the lighthouse she pressed the brake to slow down.  The car made a small lurch but didn’t slow.  She pressed again and the brake went straight to the floor.  She had no brakes!  And the road ahead was full of dangerous curves.  She moved her hands to the ten and two position, “You can do this Marah.  Stay calm.”

But the car continued to pick up speed and Marah couldn’t control the panic.  The deer came out of nowhere and Marah instinctively jerked the wheel to the right.  The car skidded off the road and headfirst into a crop of trees, “Holy fuck!”


Both men jerked at the sound of the crash.  “Sounded close.”  Rafael looked out the door.  Down the road was a twisted mess of metal and glass, “We better go see if they need help.”

Tony was maybe ten feet away when the blood drained out of his face.  He would know that blond hair in his sleep, “Oh God it’s Marah!”  He ran to the driver’s side and tried to open the door but the force of the impact had caused the door to become jammed.  He looked frantically at Rafael, “Get me something!  Anything!  I need to get her out!”

As Rafael ran to his truck, Tony looked back at the only woman he had ever loved, would EVER love, “Open your eyes Baby.  Please Baby open your eyes.”  He reached through the broken window and stroked her hair gently mindful fo the cuts she’d received.  When there was no response Tony felt his world tip on its axis, she had to live.  A life without her in it was no life at all. 

Then miracle of miracles Marah winced, “Hurts.”

Tony let out the breath he didn’t know he was holding.  “I know Baby.  We’re going to get you of here and get you some help.  You need to try to stay awake, you might have a concussion.” 

Rafael returned with a crowbar and proceeded to pry the door open.  Tony couldn’t stop himself, he sat on the ground held her close.  He suffered for six years just to feel her close again, but never under these circumstances.  He’d come so close to loosing her before he even got a chance to tell her how he felt.  He bent over her and let the tears flow, “Mi Corazón.”

Marah’s forehead wrinkled in confusion. “Tony?  Oh God I’m dead!  I kept pressing the brakes but the car wouldn’t stop.  And then I almost killed Bambi!  Now I’m dead and being haunted by the ghost of boyfriend’s past.”

Tony discreetly wiped at his tears, “No Marah, you’re not dead.”

“But how..”

Rafael cleared his throat, a little choked up himself.  “Son I know you have been waiting for a reunion for a long time but this is neither the time nor the place.  I called 911.  The paramedics should be here soon.”

Tony just kept stroking her hair as if he didn’t hear the other man, “I’m not leaving her a moment before I have to.”

Rafael knew arguing with Tony was a loosing battle.  And he understood, if it was his sweet Maria he’d feel the same way.  “Okay I am going to go move the truck down here and come up with a cover story.  But if you hear sirens you better haul ass out of sight.”

In less than five minutes the sounds of approaching sirens pierced the air.  Rafael move over to the pair, “Leave her with me.  You know I’ll take care of her.”

Tony was reluctant to let go.  Not when every fiber of his being was telling him that he held his entire world in his hands.   But he knew Rafael was right.  If anyone saw him the jig would be up.  He leaned down and whispered in her, “I love you Marah Lewis.  I always have, and I always will.”


Police Chief Frank Cooper stepped out of his squad car as assessed the scene.  Looked like someone tried taking those turns too fast again.  He’d been after city officials to put up signs for months.  Maybe now they would listen to him for a change.  As he approached he saw a short Hispanic man standing by the prone body the paramedics were working on.

He reached on his hand, “Police Chief Frank Cooper.  Care to tell me what happened?”

The man eyed him critically before completing the greeting, “Rafael Santiago.  I was just driving down the road when I saw the young lady loose control of her vehicle and run off the road. ”

Frank looked at the road, no skid marks.  “Doesn’t look like she tried to stop.”

Rafael knew the man was just doing his job but his eyes still held fire in them, “From what she said before she lost consciousness she couldn’t stop.  May want to have the brakes examined.”

Frank’s police ears perked up , “You know something you wish to share?”

Rafael was quickly loosing patience.  “No Sir.  But if someone says their brakes failed it must mean there is something wrong with them.”

The paramedics moved the gurney towards the waiting ambulance ready to transport her to Cedars.  As it passed Frank finally got a good look at the victim.  Marah Lewis?  An out-of-towner loosing control was one thing but Marah was Springfield born and raised.  She would have known about the dangerous turns.  As he walked back to the squad car he opened his cell phone, “Yeah I need a tow truck over by the old lighthouse.”  He thought about what the man had said, And have it taken to the garage.  I need a technician to look over every square inch.”

He turned his car towards the Lewis household.  It was going to be a long night.


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