Just a heads up…

I was a little worried about the next chapter and how people would react to it.  I even thought of editing it out.  But in the end I decided against it.  Why?  For several reasons really. 

There was a scene after Tony found out that Marah slept with Romeo that was (to put it mildly) disturbing as well as awkward.  I remember watching and cringing the entire time.  Marah had held onto her virginity for so long waiting for the right time and gave it to Romeo in a drunken one night stand.   Tony had always had Marah up on a pedestal and her mistake made him loose control.  In fact, here’s an article where Jordi Vilasuso talks about all that was involved in filming that scene:  http://www.sonypictures.com/gl/behind/gl_me_and_my_character/vilasuso.jhtml

And here’s the visual:

 Creepy right?

Marah grew stronger after those scenes, and it took awhile before they were in a good place again.   But I wanted to show how she has grown even more.  She’s a grown adult now who wants to take care of herself.  She won’t tolerate that kind of behavior from anyone.

I also wanted to have it told in a way that causes Tony to become angry.  Tony’s inability to deal with his anger in a healthy way was part of his problem (and the reason for most of their break-ups).  Loosing his father at a young age, growing up in the mob, going to prison in his teens all contributed to why his first impulse is to fight back.  And like Michelle, Marah didn’t have the violent upbringing Tony and Danny did.  She had her mother bouncing in and out of ehr life and multiple step-mothers but the mob life was foreign to her.  Danny changed for Michelle.  Tony tried to change for Marah but before the change was complete they re-casted the role and the magic was gone. 

So now I am going to have him deal with it so that when they are reunited it will a more healthy relationship.


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