What’s in a Name…

The title of this blog comes from the song “I Believe in the Mystery” by Laura Bell Bundy (who played Marah from 1999 to 2001).  This song is generally considered Marah and Tony’s theme and considering their story, it is aptly named.

I Believe In The Mystery
Performed by Laura Bell Bundy
Written by Brian D. Siewart

Sometimes it’s so complicated
Sometimes it’s plain as day
Sometimes trying to understand it
Just gets in the way

Finding what you want to find
What is meant to be
I believe in the mystery

The sound of a voice
When you least expect it
The rhythm in your heart
You barely recognize

An accidental touch
Feeling so electric
I believe in the mystery
That led you here to me

I only have to look at you
To know how right I am
There’s something about this miracle
We never could have planned

The magic of the morning light
With you here next to me
I believe in the mystery


Oh, baby there’s a power
I can feel it
It’s just you and me
What else can there be



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