The Supporting Characters…

Danny and Michelle


Tony’s Cousin and his wife (Referred to by their fans as Manny).   Danny is essentially Tony’s mentor and voice of reason and Tony regards Michelle as a sister.  Michelle and Marah are close as well as they both love Santos men (which oftentimes proves difficult).  Danny and Michelle have a long, colorful history that made them one of Guiding Light’s most beloved couples and, in my opinion, another Guiding Light supercouple.  Their story is best told by friend and fellow Guiding Light fan GLManny’s blog (  Have a son named Robbie and a daughter named Hope.  In my story Michelle is pregnant with child number 3.  Shown here by portrayers Paul Anthony Stewart and Nancy St. Alban.

Josh and Reva

Marah’s parents.  Their relationship would take years to write but suffice to say they had many ups and downs, many breakups and marriages.  Josh grew up wealthy and Reva was poor so they were an opposites attract pairing from day one.  Of course Reva marrying Josh’s father didn’t help matters.  But no matter what Josh and Reva were soulmates and when Guiding Light ended they rode off in search of adventure accompanied by Reva’s young son Collin.  Reva and Josh have always been portrayed by Zim Zimmer and Robert Newman.


 Romeo Jones

 Romeo was Tony’s friend from his days in Chicago.  Although he acted like Tony’s righthand man underneath the exterior lurked an evil side.  He was jealous of Tony and wanted the power Tony and his family refused to give him.  He was ruthless, cunning, and completely devoid of conscience.  Was last seen in 2002 heading to jail…or so we thought.  Portrayed by Oliver Macready.



 “The Replacement”

 The Tony recast.  Sometimes called “tattoo Tony” in my story he is simply referred to as “the replacement”.  When Tony returned in 2003 he was a much darker and unsympathetic character.  Not only did he betray Danny repeatedly he also began a “romance” with Michelle while she had amnesia.  Considering he knew how much Danny and Michelle loved each other, not to mention Tony’s un-ending love for Marah, this was impossible to comprehend.  I have my own theory why this character changed so drastically.  Portrayed by Stephen Martines.

Rafael Santiago

Rafael Santiago is a character I created and when I picture him in my mind I see a Charles Bronson look-alike.  He is a native of Carlotta, California.  Had a wife named Maria who is now deceased.   He is a mystery in itself with seems to have a few secrets of his own…

Jonathan Randall

 Marah’s half-brother.  Son of Reva and Prince Richard of San Cristobel while she was suffering amnesia.  Later when he arrived in Springfield he was filled with hatred for his mother.  He and Marah were never close but I think they would have made a good sibling pair.  Both had been hurt by their parents in some way or other and both were rebellious.  Has a daughter named Sarah.  Portrayed by Tom Pelphray.

Father Ray

Father Ray is Tony’s brother and is a Catholic priest.  He is not involved in the family business but has always been close to his cousin Danny, offering support during Danny and Michelle’s frequent relationship woes.  Became Tony’s confidant during his relationship with Marah. Shown here portrayed by George Alvarez.


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