Meet the Main Characters…

Marah Lewis

Marah Lewis was portrayed by several actresses during the course of the show, but for the sake of the story I am referring to Marah when played by Lindsey McKeon (2001-2004).

Marah is the daughter of Josh Lewis and Reva Shayne (One of Guiding Light’s supercouples).  Marah was born in 1987 (though she was progressively aged throughout the show’s run).  Her early life was not peaceful by any means.   After a forged paternity test and a kidnapping, Marah was raised by single mother Reva.  It wasn’t until 1989 that the truth came out about Josh being her father.  Reva and Josh married shortly after.  In 1990 after the birth of her brother Shayne, Reva suffered postpartum depression.  During a family vacation Reva drove her car off a bridge and was assumed dead.  In 1995 she grew attached to the new woman in her father’s life, Annie Dutton.  However, during surgery Marah saw a vision of her presumably dead mother.  Turns out Reva was alive and “well”, just suffering amnesia.  In 1999 her parents finally remarried.  This was to be the norm for Marah, being a child stuck in her parents’ rollercoaster love life.  As a teenager Marah started rebelling against her parents, and what better than dating a member of the notorious Santos crime family? 

Though Tony and Marah fell in love their relationship was not smooth sailing, in fact it had just as many ups and downs are her parents relationship.  After being kidnapped a second time by the mob, Tony tried shedding his bad boy image in an attempt to gain her parent’s approval.  Another complication was Marah finding a rival for Tony in Catalina Quesada.  She tried dating Ben Reade after Cat manipulated Tony into getting her pregnant  but Marah found that still loved Tony.   After a fight with Cat Marah woke up to find her rival dead and herself the prime suspect.  Tony attempted to shift the blame to himself to protect her, and his behavior eventually led to her drunken one night stand with Tony’s friend Romeo Jones.   Unfortunately for her, Romeo visited shortly after, expecting a repeat. Marah reacted angrily until she recognized the necklace he was wearing, which was the necklace she had in her hand the night of Catalina’s murder!  Seeing that he must be the killer, Marah began trying to cozy up to him, leading him on, and building up his ego. hoping he would give her evidence of his guilt.  Meanwhile, she tried to stay away from Tony, but love got the best of her, and she went into hiding with him after he escaped from jail. Romeo tracked them down at the carousel, and Marah knocked Tony out so that Romeo would take her instead. Romeo left to see Danny and Carmen about business, and when he returned, Marah got the upper hand and tried to force the truth out of him. The situation turned ugly, but then Tony came to the rescue!  A few days later, Romeo confessed to the murder.

Tony and Marah were finally free to be together.   They were happy until  Tony learned the truth about her one night stand from Romeo.   Tony, livid, almost raped her before he stopped himself. Furious, she stripped down to her underwear, screamed at him to take her, and then ran out of the room in tears.  Marah eventually forgave Tony and after Reva started being stalked Tony became her bodyguard.  They eventually made love in 2003.  Later that summer she was confronted with photos of Tony attacking a woman.  Fearing a repeat of Tony’s violent past Marah broke up with him.  Tony left for three weeks and came back a much more darker character…After another disastrous relationship with Jeffery O’Neill Marah moved to Paris, France to continue her career in fashion design. 

Marah’s early life had a significant impact on her young adult life.  Like her mother she liked to flirt with danger and was prone to reckless behavior (especially in her teen years).    They had many obstacles but they couldn’t stay away from each other, despite their families’ objections. 

Tony Santos

From 2000 to 2003 the role of Tony Santos was portrayed by Jordi Vilasuso.  The role was eventually recast but Jordi is considered the “true Tony”.

Tony’s childhood was just as tumultuous.  When he was four years old his father was apparently killed by a rival mob family and after his mother’s death a few years later Tony, and his brother Ray, were taken in by their Uncle.  Tony dropped out of school at age sixteen and spent time in prison.  After insulting a rival family a contract was put on his life and he fled to Springfield in 2000.  He immediately found himself attracted to the young Marah Lewis.  Although Marah initially resisted his advances the two began to date in secret.  Tony was a “hot head” who tried balancing his role in “the family” and being loyal to his cousin Danny who was attempting to make the family legit.

In an attempt to gain the approval of Marah’s family he took a job at Lewis construction.  When Tony refused to sleep with Marah on her prom night (a decision he made in her own interest) she ended things with Tony was left him heartbroken.  Around this time Tony’s childhood friend Romeo Jones came to town and became Tony’s right hand man in the family business.  Tony tied to get over Marah by dating Catalina, but Marah had his heart and she Cat knew it.  She manipulated Tony into getting her pregnant and doing the right thing, they married.  Little did Tony know but Catarina had miscarried weeks earlier.  When Tony learned the truth he rushed to the mansion to confront her only to find Catalina dead and Marah unconscious.  Tony was ready to go to prison to protect Marah when he learned from Carmen that Romeo was moving in on his business and love life.  Seems Romeo was obsessed with having everything Tony had, and wasn’t above murder to get it.  He raced to where Romeo and Marah were and saved her life.

After they broke up again after the near rape Tony dedicated himself to mob activities and began flirting with Eden August.  This attempt at moving on would once again prove futile as Tony’s heart belonged to Marah and they eventually gave their relationship another chance.  When Tony learned Eden had pushed his father off a roof, causing his death he was tempted to react in violence.  However Tony had finally learned to curb that violent side and he didn’t want to jeopardize the Lewis Family’s fragile trust.  Eventually in 2003 Tony left town and came back a more dark character….

Tony grew up in violence and although he sometimes reverted back to these tendencies he had a good heart.  He was tempted repeated to betray his cousin Danny for “the family” but in the end remained loyal.  He always meant well, even if it didn’t end well.  Though he and Marah had their ups and downs they balanced each other out and their love made it difficult to remain apart.


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