About the Blog…

Growing up I used to spend afternoons with my Grandma watching what she used to call her “stories”.  Our favorite soap opera was Guiding Light which sadly went off the air in 2009.  When one watches a soap, or any show for that matter, they inevitably form attachments to characters and couples that stay with them for long after the show is gone.  One such couple for me was Marah and Tony (or Marony to their fans).

Marah and Tony’s storyline began with so much promise only to end in a dismal failure.  But even after their light burnt out the beauty of their relationship stayed with me for years to come.   After discussing their relationship with another Guiding Light fan I decided that Marah and Tony deserved a second chance, more importantly they deserved their happily ever after.  And thus, the reason for this blog.

Now for the all important disclaimer.  I am not affiliated in any way with Guiding Light nor do I own the rights to these characters.  This page is simply for entertainment purposes ONLY.


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